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Present for You

You will now get a present for your direct booking!

Book your room on our website or via our direct contacts, and besides the best prices you will receive a gift per room.

You can pull from the lucky bag on our reception from valuable gifts such as:

Half pension dinner ● Tickets to the Fire Tower ● Sopron Souvenirs ● Ice-cream voucher ● 1 bottle of wine ● Coffee in our hotel ● Discount card ● Wine tasting with cold plate ● Coffe shop voucher

civitas boutique hotel sopron

Daily Rate With Breakfast

Rate includes:

- accommodation in the chosen roomtype (with air-conditioner and own bathroom)
- hearty buffet breakfast (cold and warm foods)
- free WIFI

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Halfboard Offer

Discover the gastronomical specialties of Sopron as part of a trip. Your accommodation is provided by Hotel Civitas*** which can be found in the heart of the downtown, and your rich dinner is served in Jégverem Inn, located in the old poncichter-quarter.Our partner restaurant is not only famous for its quality and guzzler portions. The building of the old ice-house of the town has reborn as an inn, keeping the traditional wooden beam features. Its cozy inner halls and garden makes the inn just as unique as the ice-house inside the restaurant, which can be seen until this day.
Content: lunch or dinner every day, with an appetizer or soup, main course and dessert.

You can find the current offer of Jégverem Fogadó at www.jegverem.hu.

The restaurant can be reached in 15 minutes by foot.

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Esterházy Palace visit in Eisenstadt

Surprise your sweetheart with an exciting getaway in Sopron, where we provide you the opportunity to get to know the Esterházy Mansion in Eisenstadt. Wander through the magnificent rooms on the bel étage at Esterházy Palace and marvel at art-historical treasures from the collection, including the Esterházy family silver – the world’s largest ensemble of Neoclassical silverware to survive as a set. On your visit you can also discover fascinating glimpses into the history of the palace as a building.

This tour introduces you to personalities from the past and brings their moving and fascinating stories to life. You will also discover the mezzanine storey, where the personal servants of the princess once lived. Another of the many tour highlights is the 17th-century palace chapel. The organ in the chapel partly dates from the time of Joseph Haydn and was regularly played by him.

Special offer:

  • Mansion tour with guidance* (in the given time)

Guided tours - Times

During opening hours:

April - October:
10.00 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm

November - March 2022
10.00 am, 11.30 am, 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm

April - October:
11.00 am and 3.00 pm

November - March 2022
10.30 am and 2.30 pm

April – 31. October: 1.00 pm

1. November – 31. March 2022: 1.30 pm

Tickets guided tour: 18€ / person

*The Esterházy Mansion is located in Eisenstadt (Kismarton). It can be reached within 25 minutes by car from Sopron, the travel is organized individually or you can ask for our taxi offer.

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Visit the Forchtenstein Castle

Discover unique stories and objects around every corner at this historic site. Step into the inner courtyard for your first breathtaking surprise: the largest secco murals north of the Alps. Your tour of the castle begins with the oratory and the chapel on the first floor. Within the mighty walls of the stronghold you can explore over four hundred years of military history. The collection of weapons is one of Europe’s largest private armouries and offers insights into a long military tradition and the Esterházy family’s loyal service to the Habsburgs.

Forchtenstein Castle, Burgenland’s imposing landmark and one of the oldest museum sites in Europe, has long served as a “strongbox” for the Esterházy princes’ exquisite treasures and as a depot for military equipment. Visit the armoury with its holdings that cover over four centuries of history. Further highlights on this tour include areas like the kitchen and bakery convey an impression of daily life at the castle in the past. At the end of the tour, take a look down the well. A staggering fifty metres deep, it was once essential for survival at the fortress.

Special offer:

  • Mansion tour with guidance* (in the given time)

Daily guided tour:

1. July - 31. October
Monday, and from Wednesday to Sunday

English: 1.00 pm

Tickets guided tour: 18€ / person

*The Forchtenstein Castle is located in Forchtenstein (Austria). It can be reached within 45 minutes by car from Sopron, the travel is organized individually or you can ask for our taxi offer.

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Esterházy Castle Tour in Fertőd

Book your accommodation in Hotel Civitas Sopron and we will organize your castle visit also.

The Eszterházy Castle in Fertőd is one of the most astounding sight in Hungary. The special architectural and historical monument gained its present form in the second half of the XVIII. century, based on the ideas of Miklós Eszterházy "Fényes".

Going through the rooms adorned in Rococo and Baroque stlyes, the visitors can admire the Summer Dining Hall, decorated with stucco garlands; the Sala Terrena, formed as a winter garden; the Haydn Hall, the former place of luxurious concerts, where the famous eponym officiated for two decades; or the Lakk cabinet inspired by the Far East.

Special offer:

  • Castle tour with guided tour (~ 60 min)*

Price: 10 € / person


from 1. June 2021
Monday-Sunday: 9.00-18.00
Cassa: 8.45-16.55

*The castle is located in Fertőd, which can be reached in 30 minutes by car from Sopron. The trip is organized individually or you can ask for our taxi offer.

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Wine tasting with cold buffet (Validity: from May 2021)

Wine tasting with cold-plate with tasty bites and special wines from Koffer Bar:

Special contents

  • a wine tasting with cold buffet at Koffer Bar:Wine tasting: 4x0.75 dl wine from Sopron Wine region, based on the current wine list of the Service Provider

    Cold plates (options):
    - 3 kinds of pesto/dip with homemade bread and vegetables, or
    - cheese plate, or
    - meat plate

Price: 13 €/ person

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civitas boutique hotel sopron

Relax in Sopron

Visit Sopron and beside exploring the historical downtown take some time for a little charge-up. Our hotel provides the relaxing leisure for body and soul, since we often don’t pay enough attention to ourselves in the everyday run. We will organize for you a regenerating massage in Wellbalance studio, where professional hands will be taking care of your stress relief.

Optional services:

  • Medical massage

During the medical massage the classic Swedish massage, the Marnitz and the trigger technic are mixed, the cramped muscles will be worked through and relaxed, so the pain will be reduced and the latitude of the joints will be expanded. The medical massage is done for healing and/or rehabilitation purposes. It is recommended for treating chronic neck-, shoulder-, back pain, arm- or lower extremities’ complaints, recurring headache, exhaustion, concentration impaired.

  • Relax massage

Relax massage is done for wellness purposes and is built on the classic Swedish massage. Its purpose is to freshen up the tired muscles, relaxation, stress relief and improving the general well-being. The massage offers a great recreation and charge-up for body and soul. It is also used for preventive purposes because of its numerous beneficial health consequences. Option for part- and whole body massage.


25 minutes 4.000 Ft
55 minutes 7.000 Ft
70 minutes 9.000 Ft

  • 5 senses aromatherapy massage

Candle light, soft, relaxing music, smooth touches, pleasant smells, pampering body oils and the caress of the soul. This is how we can sum up the experience where all the senses are touched by positive effects at once. The massage technique applied here is built from less powerful moves, since the thousands of receptors on your body are stimulated here and thereby we reach the relaxation of body, spirit and soul. The essential oils absorb through the body and exerts further beneficial health consequences. It is a great capstone of a trip or a relaxing. It is recommended as a whole body treatment.


55 minutes 9.000 Ft
70 minutes 11.000 Ft

  • Body shaping cellulite massage

This massage helps to reduce the cellulite in a natural and efficient way, which is an extra fat evolved on the certain part of the body – first of all on the thighs, arms and buttock. The cause of cellulite is mostly the insufficient working of the lymphatic system, but it can also be hereditary, or caused by the lack of physical activity, malnutrition, consumption of insufficient amount and poor quality of fluids, stress, and taking birth control pills. The lymphatic system transfers the waste products from the cells and the interstitium, and if this is not working sufficiently, the build-up of the waste products worsens the metabolism of the cells. This complex situation is improved through this treatment. The massage starts with more powerful moves to break the fat cells. After this the soft, rhythmical moves are coming to urge the lymphatic system and to make sure that the transfer of the waste products is working. At the end of the treatment we make a body wrapping with a special anti-cellulite cream. Option for part- and whole body massage.


Leg shaping (thighs and buttock) 8.000 Ft
Arm shaping (arm) 8.000 Ft
Bikini shaping (whole body) 14.500 Ft

  • Lymphatic treatment (drainage)

The lymph drainage is a special, scientifically acknowledged massage, which improves the circulation of the lymphatic system, its regular use terminates the lymphedema, activates the immune system, stimulates the transfer of waste products, which improves the cell regeneration and the healing of inflammation and injuries. The base of strong immune system is made of good lymphatic circulation and the sufficient operation of lymph nodes.


60 minutes 11.000 Ft
75 minutes 13.000 Ft
90 minutes 14.500 Ft

  • Bemer therapy

The too much stress, too little sleep, the unbalanced diet, the unhealthy lifestyle, the illness and the natural aging slows down the pumping moves of the smallest blood vessels and the cell metabolism. This affects the majority of the people. The malnutrition of the tissues and the organs worsens the body and mental performance, it leads to pain, sensitivity disorders and sicknesses. The BEMER physical vascular therapy within natural frameworks effects these problems, helping to fight the sicknesses and the pain, to heal the wounds, provide energy for bodily and mental performance, or to restore the general well-being. The therapy can be used during massage or combined to have stronger effects.

Prices: 3.000 Ft (each) / 2.000 Ft (combined with massage)

Book an accommodation and laid your claim for our massage services to our reception via one of the following contacts:
+36 99/523 816

Our colleagues will give you an offer for price and date to book, and they will organize the program for the chosen date.

The Wellbalance studio can be found 3 / 10 minutes of walk from our hotel.

Book directly to get the best prices!